Mark Mascar

Photography for me, is born
out of love and passion
for what you seek to capture.

About Me


I first uncovered my passion for photography as an inquiring 15-year-old when encountering my high-school teacher’s view of the world through the lens of his camera.

Later, I had the great fortune to meet my teacher, mentor and best friend John Bryant who taught me all the subtleties of lighting and the art of visual storytelling. A well-executed image tells a thousand words and I rely on creating images that capture ordinary moments and life as experienced by the connection I share with the world around and within me.

I invite you to discover my art and connect with me to see if I can assist you with your requirements.

About Me

My Work.

A photographer’s purpose is to elicit the rich gamut of human emotions and facets of the subject they are capturing.

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Hire Me.

Whether it's for an event, or for an investment or pleasure, feel free to contact me to capture that timeless moment through my lens. I specialise in everything from editorial style shoots, weddings, corporate events and above all, in reproducing the power and atmosphere of the moment I see.


With several years of experience in photographing all types of events, I have the service that’s right for you. If it’s small seminars to international global summits, my services can provide high-quality moments captured in incredible detail. To start with I will discuss your ideas & requirements, and after the conference is over, the images of your event will be processed in our post-production stage where each image will be individually colour adjusted and corrected.


It’s important to show your business off to the best of its ability, and with years of experience at the helm, I can help you capture that image. It’s that presence that drives people to be curious about your brand. To help bring in new conversation. Every detail can help make that vital decision to contact your company, so it’s important to give a good first impression.


Photography is emotive. Every unique moment, captured in an instant, a snapshot if you will. Your most precious moments deserve to be captured in the utmost quality, showing every smile, every thought, and every moment of laughter. It’s capturing the beauty of these incredible emotions and natural events with my services will ensure that memory lives on, forever.


Setting your business apart requires good headshots. Whether you’d like high-quality studio photos, or even captured from the comfort of your office - this is a service I can provide to you. Studio and office shots not to your fancy? I can also provide bespoke executive portraits or for your LinkedIn business profile, all at very competitive prices. Don’t want to travel? No problem, I’ll come to you.


We all like a good party. Whether it be the people, the dancing or the cheesy 90s tunes, capturing those feelings, emotions and moments creates a lasting memory. Whether the occasion is birthday parties, celebrations, christening, or baby showers - I will take a mixture of formal and candid moments so your event is captured in its entirety. I can also take photos of your guests after the main event if so desired.


Professional PR photos let the outside world know, just what you’re up to - And in the era of social media, professional photography set you apart. Whether it’s for your latest product launch, an opening night, celebrity visits, ribbon cuttings or even trade shows. There’s a service for everyone.


Inspiring photography by Mark Mascar